Care Instructions

Our long sleeve bib onesies are made from 100% OEKO-TEX and GRS certified recycled polyester and taking good care of them is essential to making them last longer. Here is the most eco-friendly way to take care of your long sleeve bib onesies:

  • Machine washable with a water temperature of up to 40° Celsius/104 Fahrenheit. In most cases 30° Celsius/80 Fahrenheit is enough and always more eco-friendly.
  • Do not need to be washed after every use, unless they are soiled or need a wash. If you air out your long sleeve bib onesie between uses (a hanger loop can be found on the neckline), you will be able to get away with washing it once a week.
  • Will only tolerate oxygenated bleaches (such as napisan, sard or any other products that contain sodium percarbonate). Please do not use chlorine bleach. 
  • All methods of drying are suitable for our long sleeve bib onesies. However, we always recommend line or air drying as it is kinder on your long sleeve bib onesie and the planet. Our long sleeve bib onesies may get damaged by exposure to high heat, so only tumble dry on the lowest heat setting of your dryer.
  • Please do not store the long sleeve bib onesie when wet or damp.
  • Please do not iron or dry clean.